Spring Cleaning- by Eliana Katz

As the days of spring give way to summer, I can no longer ignore the glaring, circled, underlined, highlighted item in bold on my to-do list: Spring Cleaning. It’s the time of year that reminds me, however reluctantly, to go through my room, my closet, my drawers, de-clutter, reorganize, and start fresh. Why I tend to procrastinate with this chore year after year, I’m not quite sure. Perhaps it’s the daunting task of coming face to face with all the clothes that don’t fit, the loose pages of the short story I never…Read more
Practicing Self-Esteem- by Alice Kofman

Practicing Self-Esteem- by Alice Kofman

Many people with eating-disorders have low self-esteem. An excellent tool to develop higher self-esteem is to practice writing in a journal every day. A journal is like a mirror into one’s soul. It’s a great place to express emotion, creativity and to work through negative emotions. Journaling can be used as a safe outlet to release private thoughts and feelings. By practicing free flowing stream of consciousness writing, one can effectively explore one’s inner world. Many people are far too busy to pay attention to the subtle inner feelings that arise in the…Read more
Extreme Celebrity Diets- by Katie Funk

Extreme Celebrity Diets- by Katie Funk

We see it everyday on TV, in magazines, or on the Internet. Stories of extreme weight loss among celebrities are given major attention in the media. These people are praised and celebrated for their new “healthy” lifestyles and their decreasing dress size, and are presented as role models for our youth. But I can’t help but wonder if these stories are only adding to the unrealistic ideals we hold about weight and body type. Take Jennifer Hudson. She is the spotlight of diet and health in Hollywood right now, and because of her…Read more

A Lifetime of Overeating- By Mitchell Gordon

Growing up fat was very hard for me—kids always pointed and made fun of me. I was born to be to be a loner, and I ate when I was bored and lonely. Sometimes I couldn’t even eat at certain restaurants because the tables couldn’t accommodate me. Growing up fat was a lifestyle—my entire family was fat, even my dogs! During grade school I gained weight very easily. My days consisted of watching TV and I never exercised. When I was 20, I met a girl. We ended up getting married, and she…Read more
Why I Don’t Weigh Myself (If I Can Help It)- By Lee Harmon

Why I Don’t Weigh Myself (If I Can Help It)- By Lee Harmon

I try hard not to weigh myself anymore. It’s not as easy as it may seem, but I find that I am a much more content person if I don’t know what I weigh. When I do know what I weigh, I seem to be more obsessed than ever about numbers. If I am above or below my “ideal” weight it’s the only thing I can think about. So I avoid scales. Sort of.   It’s a bit like trying to avoid alcohol. Even if I am abstaining from alcohol, it still exists…Read more

How Does a Mother of Three Get High School Skinny? By Lee Harmon

I was driving down the road the other day and I saw something that had me super confused. It was a giant billboard of a beautiful, blonde woman showing off her flat, tanned stomach. On the billboard was the question “How did this mother of three get high school skinny?” And of course there was a business name and a 1-800 number to call. High school skinny? What does that mean? My brain was flooded with all sorts of conflicting emotions. At first I thought the obvious – How DOES a mother of…Read more

Living With an Eating Disorder- By Lee Harmon

I find that living with an eating disorder is like having a cruel, critical voice living inside you. The voice is constantly making comments about how you look and what you eat or don’t eat. I find that I am always in conflict with this voice, because even though I know that what it is telling me is harmful, it is very persuasive. It tells me not to eat breakfast. It tells me to not eat bread or pasta – ever. It tells me I won’t be attractive to men if I have…Read more

Social Media and Eating Disorders- By Jamie Zabludowski

Many parents are under the impression that they can save their teens from the attractions of sex, drugs, and pro-eating disorders by simply turning off their televisions or moving to a secluded island. Of course, anyone can use the parental control settings on a TV to block certain commercials and programs, but what about computers? What about social media? It sounds like things are getting a little more complicated to stop kids from binging, purging, and restricting. The “model thin” image is advertised on all different social media platforms. In June 2010, a study by…Read more

Seeking Solace in a Sandwich- By Michael Soter

Food can be very comforting. There is even a specific type of food that we label “comfort food.”  But what happens when all food becomes comfort food?  When I no longer eat to live, but I live to eat? While overeating is not my main addiction, it certainly was my first.  I grew up overweight, I felt awkward, and I never fit in.  I did not have friends, but I had food. My parents made a rule that I could not bring food into my room, a rule I never intended to follow.  I ate…Read more
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