Mitzen Black, M.A. Psychology Intern
Wright Institute Los Angeles
Fuller Graduate School of Psychology

As a new staff member at the Susan B. Krevoy Eating Disorders Program, I have noticed how much our patients struggle with acknowledging and expressing their own legitimate needs, both to themselves and to others. In this society that encourages self-sufficiency, it can be very distressing when someone realizes needs that require outside help. Working with this program has confirmed to me the importance of learning about healthy dependency in relationships. One person asking for his or her needs to be met not only is an honest acknowledgement of one’s own limitations, but also gives permission to the person being asked to express their own needs as well. This is how we build healthy communities with people that do not hide their needs from each other out of fear and shame. Rather, they can partner alongside one another to bring about the lasting changes in each other’s lives that are needed for continual growth and transformation.

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