Mindfulness on a Toothpick

By Eve Lahijani, R.D.

According to a survey by the Promotion Marketing Association, being able to sample food is the most influential factor when customers decide to buy a new product. Furthermore, seven out of 10 shoppers report that they would occasionally or usually buy a product they sampled.

Here’s how it works:

People want to try something new yet they fear the unknown. A free sample is a safe, low risk way to do that.
When they have a taste, they really pay attention to what they like and dislike about what they are trying – being very conscious of what is in their mouths.
And finally they decide if they want to commit to purchasing the product…without judgment… (either you like the Tandoori chicken skewer or not).

If only we could always eat with such discerning palates and mindfulness. Really tuning in to the food in our mouths, instead of the expectation of what the food tastes like. It’s no wonder why approximately 70% of shoppers go on to buy a product they sampled, it may be the only morsel of food they truly tasted all day.

Try this:

Next time you put something in your mouth – approach it like a sample. That is, Let go of your expectations, to-do lists and cluttering thoughts and really tune in to the experience of flavor, texture, temperature, etc of what you are tasting. Ask yourself: Do you like what you are having? Do you want to ever have this again? What flavors and ingredients make this appealing? Etc.

By tuning into food this way, not only are you more likely to enjoy your food, but you are more likely to feel satisfied and energized by what you are eating!

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