Nutrition Nibbles

By Eve Lahijani, M.S., R.D.
Registered Dietician at the Susan B. Krevoy Eating Disorders Program

Do outside food rules keep you from choosing foods you crave or prevent you from eating at certain times?

Do other peoples’ restrictive behavior or comments about food, body, etc make you doubt your own wisdom?

Are you afraid that if you did listen to your body that it would be out of control and messy?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be time to finally create a plan that can help you reconnect to the wisdom of your body and get the results you have always wanted. Taco Bell did it, and so can you!!

A Taco Bell near my house closed for business out of nowhere. One day it was up and running, doing just fine and the next it was shut down and shortly thereafter it was completely demolished. Leaving me – and the surrounding neighborhood bewildered, left out, and not knowing what to expect. What was Taco Bell thinking? I wondered. When will they be back? Will they ever be back? I had no idea.

Taco Bell’s reconstruction is similar to our own. As we let go of our diets and eating rules and surrender to our body’s signals, we embark on our own journey inward and finally get the results we have always wanted…

In the following months construction began. There was heavy machinery, cement and lots of dirt. The place looked like a mess. What’s going on? What are they building? Will it ever be the same?

I drove by the construction site just last week and there, standing tall, was a brand new Taco Bell. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I walked inside the new establishment and I was immediately humbled. It looked great, the flow of service improved and it was busier than ever! Taco Bell knew what they were doing after all. They had a plan, stuck to it and the results clearly paid off.

Just like Taco Bell was not side tracked by a little dirt and the doubts of the community – committing to following your innate wisdom is the same. The process of finally letting go of outside food rules and instead turning inward to guide your eating may include internal reconstruction, outer bulldozers and may get a little messy. It takes courage, but you can do it. You can have a peaceful relationship with food, it’s your birthright.

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