The holidays are upon us and, regardless of the holiday you celebrate, it is a time of year spent with friends and family.  It also means the inevitable parties with copious amounts of food and drink.  For those with an eating disorder it can quickly become a time of anxiety and withdrawal.  Food may become the enemy; friends and family members the enablers.

We have started this blog to help combat the anxiety, shame, and frustration of the eating disorder (AKA “ED”).  It is our hope that you will find tools to work with, but at the very least let this be a form of support and hope.  Take some time to peruse the strategies below* and add them to your toolbox.  Wishing you peace and health during the holiday season!

  • *Be realistic. Don’t accept what some of the media portray about what’s a normal weight and what’s an ideal body image.
  • Resist the urge to diet or skip meals. Dieting actually triggers unhealthy eating and makes it difficult to cope with stress.
  • Remind yourself what a healthy weight is for your body, especially at times when you see images that may trigger your desire to binge and purge.

*Coping and Support Strategies from the Mayo Clinic

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