t’s summer time!! Time to enjoy the good life. The beautiful sunshine, the clear blue sky, and quality time with good people. Sleeping in late, going to bed at unreasonable hours, and time to catch up on your favorite TV shows and movies. Pull out those sunglasses, turn up the music, and get ready for those pool parties because summer is finally here!!

Wait… did you say pool parties?

That means bathing suits, shorts, tank tops, flip-flops, and hair up.


In today’s media-driven society, where models are only getting skinnier, bikinis getting smaller, summer is a hard time for most. It can bring a rush of insecurities because it peels away our protective layer, leaving us vulnerable to see the imperfections with our bodies and ourselves.

Teens today are exposed to unrealistic images of beautiful men and women that we feel we need to compete with. It does not matter how beautiful he or she really is because there is always that competition to do more. I can lose more weight, I can workout an extra hour, and I can eat a little less.

Losing that productive layer in summer is hard. Having to think if our stomach and thighs are swimsuit friendly, if our stretch marks are noticeable, and if our acne is okay. All these factors make us insecure today because of the media-drive society we live in.

To me summer is a time for fun, for youth, a time to celebrate all the hard work we do all year. It is a time to appreciate yourself, your health, and your beauty. We need to stop comparing ourselves to unrealistic images, and start loving ourselves the way we are. We need to start finding positives in everyday. It’s time we embrace life. We get one life

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