Holiday Eating Disorder Recovery Worksheet

Now that the holidays are behind us we have a new year to look forward to. We may have the same struggles to face but hopefully we gain new hope. Hope that we are not alone. Hope that there are others out there like us facing the same problems. Hope that we can learn to love ourselves in a safe and healthy way. Over the holiday season you may have been subject to feelings and situations which tested your ability to cope. Whether you think that’s a bad thing or a good thing, chances are the holidays presented you with one or more recovery challenges that are likely to come up again. This could be a great moment for you to pause and reset. Extra reflection now could help the days ahead, even the most difficult ones, go more smoothly. And even strengthen your recovery. With that in mind, I offer you the following questionnaire to stimulate your thinking. As always with recovery materials, Stop, if you feel you’re being triggered.


1. What was your worst holiday moment?

Okay, blank it out briefly and breathe. Now…

2. If you could replay the situation, how would you change your part in it?

3. What kind of external and/or internal support would you need to make that new response happen? External support might be talking to a friend or your therapist about it, or reading relevant recovery or inspirational literature. Internal support might be talking to yourself differently—for instance, more gently or reassuringly—about it, or journaling or meditating about it.

4. What did you do this holiday season that you feel proud of in terms of your recovery?

5. Where might the need for that come up again as the holidays have come to an end?

6. If this was a new(ish) response for you, what kinds of external and/or internal support would you need to repeat it as needed? (See examples in #3 above.)

7. Is there anything you’ve always wished you would do at this time of year that has nothing to do with your eating disorder, perhaps nothing to do with the holidays? Learn to ice skate? Visit someone in a nursing home? Attend a cultural event? Send a card or care package to someone in the military? Participate in a marathon walk or run?

8. What kind of external and/or internal support would you need to make it happen? (See examples in #3 above.)

It is most important to not forget you are Not alone in this. There are people you can turn to for hope, strength and support.

Our fondest wishes for a new year that supports your growth in recovery.


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