Weighting for Perfection- By Eve Lahijani, RD

By Eve Lahijani, RD
Registered Dietician at Susan B. Krevoy Eating Disorders Program


Take this moment.  Imagine yourself living your dreams.  Imaging having everything you want. Tune into what you see.  What are you doing?  Who are you with?  What is around you? Really get in touch with what that looks like.  Now, what are you feeling?  Take a moment to bask in the feeling of living your dream…  Feels good – – right?

Well if you are feeling good, you fell into my trap!  You just demonstrated to yourself, how you can bring those feelings of a dream fulfilled unto yourself, irrespective to outer circumstances! That’s right, all of this time you may have been waiting for the perfect job, soul mate, advanced education, new body, etc to feel good, to feel whole and complete, just to find that the good feelings associated with having that are already within you!

What does that have to do with food and eating? – Great question!

Feeling you have to wait until life is perfect to feel good can be frustrating, overwhelming, and straight out depressing (I mean how often do the stars align, after all?).  And the aforementioned feelings can be played out in the food arena in several ways including:  emotional/compulsive eating to blunt out the intensity of desire for something that feels out of reach and/or restricting choices for a false sense of control/perfection.

Now What?
•    Start tuning into what you are waiting for to happen to enjoy your life.
•    Notice what you do with the feelings of waiting.
•    See if you can acknowledge that although what you want may have not manifested materially, it has manifested within you.  So you can still tap into the feeling of joy, abundance, love, etc (as you did earlier in this article).
•    Now from that place of fulfillment, ask yourself, what is a small step you can take to bring that vision closer to reality in the material world?
As you can see, you never really have to wait!  You can always tap into your vision and allow the feeling of a dream fulfilled to propel you into action to bring your dream to life – without using food!

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