Eating Disorders are Treatable!

by: Dr. Susan B Krevoy

I have found that many who suffer from eating disorders feel isolated and alone in their struggle. If this is the case for you, I assure you that you are not alone. The first step is always the most difficult and fraught with the most ambivalence.

Our program will both challenge you and lift your spirits. Eating disorders are complex and complicated diseases and it is sure to be difficult at times. I have been working with eating disorders for over twenty years and I have seen many people recover. I believe that this hope is available to you at our program.

Our philosophy is that an eating disorder is an expression of deeply held feelings such as anger, deprivation, trauma, lack of trust and insecure attachment. Our professionals will help you discover the meaning behind your struggle and the role that it serves in your life. Armed with this awareness, you can begin the process of unraveling and healing the past while developing skills that lead to a healthy and happy future.

Although eating disorders are serious, they are treatable. The soul has a wonderful rejuvenating capacity and you can heal the wounds and balance mind, body and spirit.

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